Peony seeds- peonía semilla

peony seed for sale
peonia seed

Peony seeds- peonía semilla

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Peony seeds for sale - peonía semilla

these seeds are half red and half black, in religion it is used to create firmness, since the peony is a seed that does not know if it is black with red, or red with black, so it is used for jobs where you want to get firmness of decision, and agreement.

peony seed

The peony seed, with its characteristic red and black hue, has been honored in Afro-Cuban traditions, playing a special role in Santería and the Yoruba religion. More than a natural jewel, it is a symbol of wisdom, protection, and spiritual guidance.

Peony Seed in Santería and Yoruba Religion

Within the rich cultural tapestry of Santería and the Yoruba religion, the peony seed emerges as a powerful symbol and amulet.

Meaning in Santería and Yoruba Religion

The heart of these Afro-Cuban beliefs holds a special place for the peony. In the Odun Odi Obara it is said: "The peony does not know whether to stay black or red." This verse underscores duality and indecision, positioning the peony as an emblem of the search for clarity and direction in life. To carry and care for a peony seed symbolizes the search for guidance and clarity in our decisions.

The Peony Seed as a Protective Amulet

The peony seed is not only considered to bring clarity, but it is also seen as a shield against negative energies. Its chromatic duality, with red and black seeds, represents the balance between the forces of good and evil, protecting those who carry it and attracting prosperity and well-being.


The peony seed is a pillar in Afro-Cuban traditions, especially within Santería and the Yoruba religion. It is a bridge between the tangible world and the spiritual one, an amulet that connects us with ancient wisdom and offers protection on our daily path. If you are looking for an amulet with deep roots in history and spirituality, the peony seed is your ideal choice.

Characteristics of our peony

  1. This packet of peony seeds comes in plastic bag bag.
  2. We directly extract the peony from our bushes, which guarantees that it is fresh and of excellent quality.




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