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Omiero ifa

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We have omiero for all orishas, omiero for ifa ceremonies and spiritual cleansings, our omiero is made by active santeros and babalawos of the yoruba religion.

    11 products
    Osain's Bath / Omiero de Osain
    omiero 7 Herb Baths
    Omiero Baths to clean bad energies
    Omiero de elewa For sale
    Omiero de elewa
    Omiero de Oshun For sale
    Omiero de Ochun
    Omiero de Yemaya For sale
    Omiero de Yemaya
    Omiero de Obatala For sale
    Omiero de Obatala
    Omiero de Shango For sale
    Omiero de Shango
    Omiero de Oya For sale
    Omiero de Oya
    Omiero de Ogun For sale
    Omiero de Ogun
    Omiero de Oshosi For sale
    Omiero de Oshosi
    Omiero de Orula / Orunmila For sale
    Omiero de Orula / Orunmila 21 herb

    Discover our collection of orisha omiero and spiritual baths.


    Our herbal baths (OMIERO SANTERIA) for sale are effective for cleansing, preparing spiritual orisha icons, cleansing religious items, and more.

    These baths are made by priests and priestesses of our community, which are made independently depending on what type of orisha it will be used for, as well as what the purpose of the omiero will be.

    Types of Omieros

    we have omiero to remove curses, omiero to attract positive energies,
    and omiero for each orisha for example:

    • Omiero for Obatala
    • Omiero for Oshun
    • Omiero for Yemaya
    • Omiero for Shango
    • Omiero for Oya
    • Omiero for Ogun 
    • Omiero for Oshosi
    • Omiero for Elewa / Eshu
    • Omiero for Orula / Orunmila
    • Omiero for Osain / Ozain

    Names by which the Omiero is known

    Depending on the culture, country, or religious ethnicity, the omiero can be called in different ways:

    • Omiero
    • Humiero
    • Bleaning bath
    • Herbal Bath
    • Omi ero