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Discover the multiple benefits of authentic Miel de Guira "🤰"

Discover the Authentic Miel de Guira

The Miel de Guira is not just another product; it's a natural legacy passed down through generations and recognized for its incredible antiseptic properties. Being 100% natural, this Miel de Guira is essential for all women looking to enhance their fertility and cleanse their womb. Don't wait any longer, and discover the multiple benefits our Cuban Güira honey offers you.

Miel de Guira 750ml / Honey Guira 750ml

miel de guira for sale
miel de guira en venta
Miel de Guira 750ml / Honey Guira 750ml

Miel de Guira 750ml / Honey Guira 750ml

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Miel de Guira for sale

Discover our offer of Cuban Guira honey (Miel de Guira cubana ), 100 PERCENT NATURAL. This product is efficient in cleaning the belly, helping women to get pregnant more easily.

Discovering the Benefits of Miel de Guira: The Cuban Elixir for Female Fertility

Deeply rooted in Cuban tradition, Miel de Guira has established itself as a renowned natural aid for women seeking to enhance their fertility. This elixir, brimming with unique properties, boasts antiseptic characteristics that cleanse a woman's womb. Adopting a holistic approach, it not only prepares the uterus for potential conception but also resonates with nature's essence, providing women an authentic pathway to their aspirations of motherhood.

Derived from the pulp of the güira, its consumption in the form of güira syrup further promotes conception. It assists in the thorough cleansing of the uterus and aids in the elimination of fibroids and cysts. For optimal results, it's essential to pause its intake at the onset of the menstrual cycle and to resume post-menstruation, continuing this regimen for at least two cycles.

Its fame and effectiveness, born in the heart of Cuba, elevate Miel de Guira to a treasure that spans generations, merging age-old Cuban wisdom with modern-day needs.


What is Guira Cimarrona Syrup (Miel de Guira)?

The Guira Cimarrona syrup, often referred to as " Miel de Guira ", is derived from a blend of natural ingredients. Its foundation is the fruit of the guira, a key component in crafting this potent syrup that has been cherished for generations.

guira fruta guira fruit

How to Prepare Cuban Miel de Guira:

"The foundation of our syrup combines essential ingredients such as aguardiente, honey, and the guira fruit. These are just the beginning; our Miel de Guira is enriched with other components that not only give it a distinctive taste and aroma but also enhance its efficacy. Ingredients carefully chosen, some passed down from generation to generation, ensure its true effectiveness for the purpose for which it was created."

Usage Instructions and Preservation Recommendations:

To fully harness the virtues and benefits of Miel de Guira, it's essential to follow this consumption regimen:

  1. Daily Dose: Upon waking, consume an amount of Miel de Guira equivalent to a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.
  2. Repeat this dose before going to bed.
  3. Consumption Routine: Consistency is key. Maintain this routine for 21 consecutive days to ensure the best results.
  4. Precaution during the menstrual cycle: For safety and efficacy reasons, it's recommended to abstain from consuming Miel de Guira during your menstrual period.
  5. Preservation: The freshness and potency of Miel de Guira are best preserved when stored in a cool place. For optimal results, refrigeration is recommended.
By following these guidelines, you will not only benefit from the properties of Miel de Guira but also enjoy its maximum quality and strength.

Miel de Guira: Where to Buy Safely?

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Me llegó sin problemas lo q demoró unos días pero sin problemas

Yadira Gomez Falcon
Excelente producto

Llego en tiempo y muy bien envasado

Muchas gracias ☺️


Thank you! It was wrapped up very well, delivered with care and it tastes amazing!

Ismaray Suarez

Authentic product. I took it to my mother to taste and she said it’s exactly as it should be. Wonderful product great taste

Tania Diaz

Dies de dies muy buen empaque

Muchas gracias , nuestro objetivo es que nuestros clientes estén Satisfechos. Muchas bendiciones .


Miel de Guira is a traditional Cuban elixir known for its properties that enhance female fertility and has antiseptic characteristics that help purify the uterus.

This honey has its roots in Cuban tradition and has been passed down through generations due to its fame and effectiveness in female fertility.

The process should be started immediately after the menstrual period. It is consumed on an empty stomach in the morning and before sleeping, in an amount equivalent to a coffee cup, for 21 days. Consumption is paused during the menstrual period and can be resumed afterward.

It is taken for a maximum period of 3 consecutive months. Afterward, it is advisable to take a 1-month break and, if pregnancy has not been achieved, the cycle can be started again.

If you confirm that you are pregnant, you must immediately stop consuming Miel de Guira.

Due to its high alcohol content, it is recommended that some people, especially those with acidity problems or gastritis, take it only once a day.

It's essential to avoid its consumption during the menstrual period and consult a specialist with any doubts or particular medical conditions.

At our online store botanicaonline.net. We are the world's number 1 provider of this product.

What distinguishes it is its unique combination of traditional Cuban ingredients and its holistic approach to fertility, focusing on the natural purification of the uterus.

Over the years, many women have shared their positive stories about Miel de Guira. Although science is further exploring its benefits, its value in Cuban tradition is undeniable.


 This product is not approved by any pharmacy or laboratory, it is a completely natural and handmade product, with natural ingredients explained above, botanicaOnline.net, is a provider of this product and we do not authorize or encourage anyone to use it, it is the responsibility of each person to use it correctly, botanicaonline.net and our company is not responsible for the use of this product. For more information contact our team in the chat.
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