Jerico Flower - Flor de Jerico - Jericho flower

Jerico Flower - Flor de Jerico - Jericho flower

Jerico Flower - Flor de Jerico - Jericho flower

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Jerico flower - Flor de Jerico - Jericho flower.

Legend has it that, when Jesus retired to pray in the desert, the Rose of Jericho, carried by the winds, stopped sweetly at his feet and, at dawn, after opening with the dew of the night, offered the Master the drops of water from its twigs. Jesus took them with the tips of his fingers, bringing them to his lips to quench his burning thirst. Moved, he blessed her.

Extended this legend over the years to other nations and other continents, different ethnic groups have considered the Rose of Jericho as Divine Flower, also recognizing it as a carrier of beneficial effluvia. Many branches of the esoteric world also coincide in attributing special properties to it, welcoming it as the rarest and most desired living talisman.

There is a firm belief, rooted in many peoples of the Earth, that whoever adopts and cares for a Rose of Jericho, duly miraculously attracts to himself and his loved ones PEACE, LOVE, HEALTH, STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, LUCK IN BUSINESS, SKILL IN THE WORK, ECONOMIC WELFARE... That is why, on numerous occasions, very considerable sums were paid to possess it, since it was rarely possible to find it.

Prayer for the Jerico flower - Flor de Jerico.

Divine rose of Jericho: For the Blessing that you received from Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the virtue that you contain and for the power granted, help me to overcome the difficulties of life, give me health, strength, happiness, tranquility and peace to earn more money with to cover my needs and those of my home and my whole family.

Divine ROSE OF JERICHO: All this I ask for the virtue that you enclose in love for Christ Jesus and his great mercy. AMEN

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