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Ikin ifa - Ikines

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Ikin Ifa

The Ikin Ifa is a sacred element in the Yoruba tradition of Ifa, is a indispensable divination tool in its oracle system. This sacred nut is used in the performance of rituals and in ifa consultation ​​allowing for the prediction of the future and receiving divine guidance.

Orula is a highly revered deity in the Yoruba religion, recognized as the owner of all knowledge and wisdom. For this reason, the Ikin palm nut, which represents Orula, is considered a sacred and powerful object. The importance of the Ikin ifa lies in its ability to transmit Orula's divine wisdom and help devotees make important decisions in their lives.

In Ifa rituals, the Ikin palm nut is used as a means of communication with orula, and is consulted for answers to questions or concerns. The nut is blessed by Orunmila and have divine power to predict the future and guide people towards a positive path.

The Ikin is a symbol of divine wisdom and a constant reminder of the presence and guidance of the Orula in the lives of devotees and babalawos.

In conclusion, the Ikin ifa is a sacred and powerful element in the Yoruba tradition and is an essential tool in divination and communication with the orishas y dioses yorubas. Its importance lies in its ability to transmit Orula's divine wisdom and help people make important decisions in their lives.

Ikines Ifa for sale

Discover our collection of ikines for ifa, we offer 4-eyed ikines and 3-eyed ikines, if you are interested in 5-eyed ikines or 6-eyed ikines, contact our team through the chat

What is the ikin, Ikin yoruba?

The ikin are seeds obtained from the fruit of palm trees. They are characterized by their distinct eyelets or "eyes" found on the bottom base of the seed. 

ikin ifa divination, It is a special palm nut, which all the Bàbáláwo use for divination, and sacrifices to the Orunmila.

You can purchase three or four, eye ikin as a set (or hand) of 21 pieces.



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Ogbe ate
Envío súper rápido y muy buena calidad

El envío fue extremadamente rápido los equinos tienen un considerable tamaño y son de cuatro ojos en cuanto llegaron los probé y todos estaban en perfectas condiciones muchas gracias

Baba Ifa lade
Excelente producto

Vivo en Texas y me era muy difícil saber. Donde comprar ikin ifa, navegando en internet lo encontré, me llegaron en 4 y todos llegaron en perfecto estado, gracias ase ooo!

los reales ikines 4 ojos

todo perfecto


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