Añil - Indigo Blue Powder

Añil - Indigo Blue Powder
Añil - Indigo Blue Powder
Añil - Indigo Blue Powder

Añil - Indigo Blue Powder

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Añil blue Powder for Sale

Discover our indigo offers, this product is sold per unit and in boxes of 48 tablets

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ANIL or AZULETE - strictly genuine indigo blue powder

What is anil and what is it used for?

Anil (azulillo or azulete) which is used to make the Blue Water for Yemanja used on the altar by some Santeros. A anil powder is used to make "afloche" or powder of Yemanja, which is used to bless people in the name of Yemanja.

The anil powder is also used in baths and in washes to add power, as the Indigo blue color can build the astral nature of the person, place, or thing to which it is applied. It is used for a deep aura cleansing, to cleanse negative energies, such as envy and evil eye and clean objects and environments. It is recommended as a purifying agent for a bad luck and to prepare magic circles, energy defenses and other protections. Also, the anil powder is added to your bath or wash to cleanse and purify.

The anil powder can be used in a few ways, such as these:

- Cleanse environments - Blue water

Use a glass bowl or a cup and pour into it some spring water. If the spring water is not available, tap water can be used but you must add a pinch of sea salt to it first with a teaspoon of anil powder and Florida Water. Then pray over the glass. This water should be changed weekly. This is ritual that is performed once a week or, at least, from time-to-time, usually accompanying rituals to spiritually cleanse the home, office, or business.

- Carry as a protection

Carry a small amount with you, in a small bag, to kill a jinx or clear away evil influences.

- Indigo Blue Power Bath

Bathe each day for 9 consecutive days in water in which 2 indigo anil powder soup spoons have been dissolved. In each bath pray for an increase of your astral power.

- Indigo Blue Floor Wash for a Home

Use as a floor wash to purify and strengthen the home after it has been cleaned.
• 3 Indigo anil soup spoons
• 1 cup of ammonia
• 1 gallon of water (3,7 liters)
This mixture is to be sprinkled on the floor or on the floor moped with it.

Anil is considered the best product to use for energy and spiritual cleansings. Spiritists, mediums and other spiritual workers often take that bath and add one soup spoon of anil to a bucket of mop water along with Sacral Water (or Florida Water) and Holy Water and use it clear the house of negativity.







• This product is for external use only and keep it away from eyes and mucous membranes.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

By reading and purchasing anil blue powder you release BotanicaOnline.net and our companies from any liability arising out of use of this product.


ATTENTION: Sold as curio only.

DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the user to exercise caution when using this product. By purchasing this product you release BotanicaOnline.net from any and all liability.

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Carrie Roman
Good products for the price purchase

It was just what I expected great choice

It's a pleasure for us


Fast shipping but the añil was kind of a mess when it arrived (one cube had opened and broken, but luckily the plastic bag protected the other items in my order)


Excelentes productos, excelente atención al cliente y rápido envío, gracias

Buen producto

Es perfecto y pinta el agua muy fácilmente

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