Siempre Viva - Leaf Of Life

Siempre Viva (Herb)

Siempre Viva - Leaf Of Life

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"Discover the Benefits of Owning a Siempre viva Plant: Buy Now in Our Store"

Are you looking for a plant that not only adds beauty to your home, but also holds spiritual significance? Look no further than the siempre viva plant! This stunning plant has long been used in religious and spiritual practices, to bring positive energy, good luck, and long life.


Caring for a Siempre viva

Not only does the Live Forever plant offer spiritual benefits, but it also boasts impressive physical qualities. It's easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance, and its vibrant green leaves provide a pop of color to any room.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the beauty and positive energy of a Siempre viva plant today! Our store offers high-quality and hand-picked for their health and vitality. Buy now and experience the many benefits that this special plant has to offer.

Siempre viva plant for sale

In our store we offer the Siempre viva plant for sale,  that can be sent with or without roots, depending on customer request.

 Siempre Viva uses

The siempre viva plant is a traditional herb has great spiritual and scientific qualities, within the Yoruba religion it is a plant used in almost all ceremonies and consecrations, it is a plant for  Obatala, Oshosi, Oddua, Osain and Yemaya, but it is common to use it in other orishas ands spiritual baths.

Common names of this plant

  • Siempre Viva
  • Prodigiosa
  • Ewe Dun Dun
  • Kalanchoe pinnata
  • Inmortal plant


Characteristics of the Siempre viva her

The leaves of this species are thick, fleshy, elliptical in shape, curved, with a crenate or serrated margin, often reddish. Simple at the base of the stem, the leaves are imparipinnate at the top, 10–30 cm (4–12 in) long, with three to five pairs of fleshy limb lobes.

The leaves are remarkable for their ability to produce bulbils. At their margin, between the teeth, adventitious buds appear, which produce roots, stems and leaves. When the plantlets fall to the ground, they root and can become larger plants.

Customer Reviews

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I love it. It came in very fresh. Thank you.

you are welcome


The best ever. God bless your business. I will buy again soon I will recommend people to this seller.


Great plants and fresh


Marisleidis Matos
Contenta con el pedido

El ramo de siempre viva llegó en buenas condiciones con bastante raíz. El ramo estaba empaquetado apropiadamente.

Muchas gracias por compartir su experiencia con nosotros, es un gusto



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